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E67 Grill Shimian BBQ with Office Cabinet | Ms Yeah

6 дн. назад

Shimian is a small city in Sichuan, it's famous with BBQ. Every time when Sichuaness talk about BBQ, Shimian BBQ would be the first thing bumps in their mind.

【VLOG】One Day in Hong Kong | Ms. Yeah

1 нед. назад

This is the very first time Ms. Yeah communicates and shares her life with you through Vlog. Let us know what do you like to know more about her and her team.

E66 Ms Yeah's Office Egg Delicacies | Ms Yeah

1 нед. назад

How Do You Want Your Egg? Ms Yeah is using PC case to cook her gift, she even makes a DIY fireplace bellow in order to blow on a fire in this PC case.

E65 Ms Yeah's Meeting Room Projector Gourmet Festival | Ms Yeah

3 нед. назад

He is furious as we didn't have a good KPI. For us, KPI is as important as good & interesting life. To cheer up my coworkers, I decide to make something nice for ...

E64 Cooking Korean Troops Pot With Cookie Box In Office| Ms Yeah

4 нед. назад

In our office, we would have some snacks in afternoon.Sometimes i will get nothing but an empty cookie box. It's ok, i will solve this problem with my brain and ...

E63 Ms Yeah's Self-made Roller Roast Machine With Wire Netting| Ms Yeah

1 мес. назад

We shouldn't forget getting some delicious food when we're fascinated with Russian World Cup. If you have some wire netting, please don't waste them and let's ...

E62 Having BBQ In Office With Hair Straightener? Nothing Is Impossible! | Ms Yeah

2 мес. назад

No one can stop me cooking food when i want to taste something yummy! BBQ in office? All you need is a hair straightener. I came back home from USA today ...

E61 Roasting Squids In Office And Packaging It Like A Bouquet?| Ms Yeah

2 мес. назад

Hi dears, i am in USA for some interesting activities so that i uploaded my new video late. Sorry for that! Here is a new colleague joined our company. But Mr.Lu ...

E60 Hot stone cooking the new cool dishes in my office | Ms Yeah

2 мес. назад

Hot stones have been used for cooking for thousands of years, however, we hardly use this old method in our modern life. Somehow nature always reminds me ...

E59 Ms Yeah's Super Crayfish Tower Wows Your Summer!| Ms Yeah

2 мес. назад

What's the best recipe for team building in Summer for my colleagues and me?Absolutely,it must be crayfish! And i really cooked a lo~~t! If you like this video ...

Here is A Big Good Luck wish to you | Ms. Yeah

2 мес. назад

2018 National Higher Education Entrance Examination is here, my dears just stay cool and give your best.

E58 Making flowing noodles off a bamboo slide | Ms Yeah

2 мес. назад

Prepare your chopsticks and come to our office, let's catch flowing noodles off this bamboo slide. Happy Children's day!

E57 Making ice cream with liquid nitrogen in office | Ms Yeah

3 мес. назад

Took Ms. Do's liquid nitrogen and made ice cream in my office... again. Come grab your favorite flavor!

E56 A Must Try Chengdu Dessert in Summer | Ms Yeah

3 мес. назад

Dan hong gao (local pancake) + bing fen (local icy sweet water ) = refreshing summer. So I am going to make these local sweets for my colleagues at this baking ...


3 мес. назад

This is my first to have such an event with my fans, i have met many awesome people and received many love from them. We have spend a wonderful time ...

E55 Ms Yeah's Office Café Now Opens, Just Make A Wish!| Ms Yeah

4 мес. назад

Ms Yeah's Cafe now is ready for customers, hope you can find one that suits your style. BTW, exclusive coffee now is offered, that is the one can lead your ...

E54 How To Cook Spicy Clam Rice Noodles In Office? | Ms Yeah

4 мес. назад

Just received a full package of clam from Lu. I am really craving for rice noodles recently, so clam and rice noodles, great combination!BTW, well done, Lu!

E53 Cooking Firewood Chicken Under Peach Blossom Trees| Ms Yeah

4 мес. назад

What's important for me when Spring comes? Enjoying delicious food and beautiful scenery at same time! Let's cook chicken under peach blossom trees.

【Office Story】Happy April Fool's Day? NO WAY! | Ms Yeah

5 мес. назад

My lovely colleagues are trying to prank on me as April Fool's day is about to come. But, for "almighty" Ms Yeah, you have no chance!. Enjoy it. And Happy April ...

E52 A Bite Of Office---Ms Yeah's Food Documentary | Ms Yeah

5 мес. назад

Once upon a time, there is a girl who comes up with many creative cooking ideas in office. This documentary made by myself records the story behind scenes.