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John Wayne Parr

John Wayne Parr vs Rucktear Muangsurin

5 мес. назад

1997 my 2nd fight with Thailand's number one promoter Songchai and 1st time fighting on Thai tv. I was 20yo and first time fighting in-front of 60000 people.

John Wayne Parr vs Brad Riddell

7 мес. назад

08/11/2013 this was super clean, high paced fight up against a great opponent in Brad Riddell. Brad catches me early with some power shots catching me off ...

Jasmine Parr on Sunrise 2011

7 мес. назад

After Jazzy's first fight and all the controversy that followed.

Jasmine Parr vs Wondergirl

7 мес. назад

17/06/2018 Jazzy Parr's first fight in Thailand in Surat Thani. Jazzy was 15yo with 20 fights. Supergirl 19yo with 40 fights.

Jasmine Parr’s 20th fight.

9 мес. назад

07/04/2018 for Destiny title.

Why I started Caged Muay Thai

10 мес. назад

I want to be the Picasso of Violence”! Thank you to my friend @jarrydokmp for making this cool little documentary explaining why I came up with Caged Muay ...

John Wayne Parr interviews Chris Weidman for Monster Energy.

11 мес. назад

Awesome time in Sydney challenging Chris to see if he knows Australian slang.

John Wayne Parr’s KickFighters documentary

12 мес. назад

Oldie but a goodie. 2004-2005 National Geographic followed me around for a year as well as Buakaw and Masato in the lead up the K-1 Max World final.

John Wayne Parr vs James Heelan CMT 10.

1 г. назад

4th of August 2017 Australia vs Ireland. Full Thai rules in the cage with mma gloves.

Jasmine Parr fighting for Intercontinental title, England.

1 г. назад

Jasmine Parr vs Phoebe Ilott on Andy Howson's show 26/08/2017. Because it's a junior fight headgear is optional.

Highlight from CMT10.

1 г. назад

4th of August 2017. John Wayne Parr (Australia) vs James Heelan (Ireland)

John Wayne Parr vs Shane "Chopper" Chapman K-1 Max 2005

2 г. назад

K-1 Max qualifier. Tokyo Japan.

Jasmine Parr featured on "Mornings with Kerri-Anne"

2 г. назад

When three posh educated ladies sit down and discuss when my daughter after having her first fight 2011. She was 8yo at the time in a fully padded, modified ...

Having a chat with coach John Kavanagh when fight breaks out

2 г. назад

Trying to make a funny video when drunk idiots want to street fight.

John Wayne Parr vs Matthew Richardson CMT9

2 г. назад

December 3 2016.

John Wayne Parr vs Mike Cope. 1st round KO.

2 г. назад

Not the best footage unfortunately but a little piece of my boxing history. This fight was when I was a young man 26yo in 2003. My official boxing record is 13 ...

John Wayne Parr vs Daniel Dawson 3

2 г. назад

Third fight between Daniel and myself. Thank you to Pamorn Martdee for bringing me over to Perth for the fight.

Jemma & John Wayne Parr best friends

2 г. назад

Capturing memories I hope to look back on forever. When Jemma my 2yo told me she was my best friend .

Behind scenes John Wayne Parr vs Dawson

2 г. назад

Massive thank you tommy friend Tom Gathercole who flew to Perth from Melbourne to capture all the behind the scenes footage of what it's like to be in the ...

Jasmine Parr's 11th fight.

2 г. назад

Jasmine wins by 1st round TKO.

Wedding speech for my friend Kevin

2 г. назад

As I couldn't be in New Zealand for my friends wedding, I wrote a small speech wishing them best of luck.