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The Try Guys

I'm On Vacation, Bitch (Official Music Video)

20 час. назад

Check out our first music video! It's the full length vacation themed bop you didn't know you needed! You can stream the song on all music platforms with this ...

The Try Guys Try 90s Crafts ft. LaurDIY

3 дн. назад

LaurDIY walks us through the raddest 90s crafts, including bedazzling, sand art, and pearler beads. Will Eugene's creations be perfect? (Duh, of course they will) ...

Yale Graduate Takes The SAT As An Adult

6 дн. назад

Ned challenged himself to take the SAT as an adult. Will he score as well as he did over a decade ago? Pre-order our book at http://www.tryguys.com/book ...

The Try Guys Wear Crop Tops For A Day

1 нед. назад

Zach and Keith dare to bare it all (above the waist) and wear crop tops for a day. Check out our newest merch drop, including CROP TOPS, a new sweatshirt, ...

The Try Guys 400 Dumpling Mukbang ft. Strictly Dumpling

2 нед. назад

Will the guys be able to make it through 400 piping hot soup dumplings? Don't try this at home! Pre-order our book at http://www.tryguys.com/book Support us!

The Try Wives Reveal The Try Guys’ Best-Kept Secrets

2 нед. назад

Do you guys want to know a secret...or four? Becky and Ariel are here to spill the *cocoa* Pre-order our book at tryguys.com/book Support us!

We Have A Secret

3 нед. назад

You guys, we have a surprise announcement: we wrote a book! Pre-order the book at https://www.tryguys.com/book Support us! http://www.patreon.com/tryguys.

The Try Guys Compete In A Pro Gaming Tournament

3 нед. назад

Zach and Keith have just 4 days to learn how to compete at a professional level against world champions Cloud9 and Deadmau5 in a PUBG video game ...

Ned Reacts To The Try Guys Bone Cracking Video

4 нед. назад

Ned was conveniently "unavailable" for our bone cracking video because that kind of stuff makes him squeamish. So, naturally we made him watch it and filmed ...

The Try Guys Try Instagram Editing Apps

1 мес. назад

Thot or not? We tried 4 different photo editing apps so you don't have to. Check out our NEW white squad merch drop at http://www.tryguys.com Support us!

The Try Guys Take A Mental Health Vacation

1 мес. назад

Everyone gets burnout, even YouTubers. The Try Guys decide to take a break for their mental health and learn all about the importance of achieving a more ...

The Try Guys Rewind 2018

2 мес. назад

The guys reflect on the crazy, exciting year that was 2018. They discuss launching their new independent channel and interview their amazing staff about what it ...

Who Were We Before The Try Guys?

2 мес. назад

In this revealing edition of Try Guys Game Time, the guys watch and react to videos they made before they knew each other, including a high school Spanish ...

Keith Crowns Instagram’s Next Dog Superstar

2 мес. назад

In the thrilling season finale of #TheBarkchshler there are four deserving, adorable finalists. But only one arbitrarily viral dog can wear the crown... Check out a ...

The Try Guys Try Knitting

2 мес. назад

The guys pick up some needles and get to work knitting each other Secret Santa gifts, with a little help from a professional knit shop. Check out our newest ...

The Try Wives React To Iconic Try Guys Videos

2 мес. назад

In this new spin on Try Guys Game Time called Try Wives Wine Time, Ariel and Becky (aka the Try Wives) kick back with some mulled wine and react to Try Guys ...

Eugene Gets Surprised With His Worst Nightmare

2 мес. назад

The guys try to get Eugene to face his worst fear - intimacy - by making him sit on Keith's lap. Check out our newest merch drop, including a new sweatshirt, ...

The Try Guys Bake Pie Without A Recipe

2 мес. назад

Four inexperienced bakers. No recipes. One goal: try to bake a perfect holiday pie #WithoutARecipe Check out our newest merch drop, including a new ...

My Secret Girlfriend

2 мес. назад

Zach has a secret. And he wants to tell you all about her. Check out our newest merch drop, including a new sweatshirt, joggers, a dad hat, a notebook, and a ...

Keith Judges 11 Dogs And Their Hometowns

2 мес. назад

11 dogs compete for Keith's heart and show off where they're from. It's hometowns week on #TheBarkchshler (Season 2, Episode 3). Check out a brand new ...

Ned & Ariel’s New House Tour

2 мес. назад

After a year of renovation and hard work, Ned & Ariel's house is finally finished! Watch their joys, their struggles, and their incredible house transformation from a ...